Dormitory accommodation

Majoitushuoneisto / Dormitory accommodation

This dormitory accommodation has
combined kitchen and living area, electric heated sauna, shower and WC are in communal use for all guests.
There are 3 bedrooms (2 persons, 2+1 persons,3 persons).
Own terrace.
The distance to the beach is 150 m. The beach is very suitable for kids because of it’s shallow waters. There are dock, boat and sauna on the beach which are communally to use with all visitors.


* electric heating and lights
* warm and cold water
* central water heating system
* electric stove (+oven)
* fridge and freezer
* coffee maker
* dishwasher
* kettle
* microwave oven
* radio/cassette/CD player
* TV
* dishes for 10 persons

Cost (VAT incl.)
1-2 persons – 80 € /day, 3 person – 90 € /day
4-5 persons – 100 € /day
6-8 persons – 20 € /day/person
Linen 10€ /person
Final cleaning can be ordered
Check-out at 12.-15.00 (12pm-3pm)

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