Berry hut

Marjamaja / Berry hut

Marjamaja (Berry hut) has originally been built for workers who come over to the farm in summers to pick strawberries. Other visitors may also lodge in Marjamaja when not in use for workers at strawberry fields.

Living area is 25m2 with a small combined kitchen and living space and two separate berdrooms (2+2 beds). The Lake Saimaa is about 50 meters of distance with ideal beach for swimming. There are dock, boat and sauna (heated with wood plus running water) on the beach which are communally to use with all visitors.
A shower and WC are in a separate building (about 10 meters away).


* electric heating and lights
* running water (cold and hot)
* electric stove (+ oven)
* refrigerator
* coffee maker and kettle
* dishes for four persons

Lodging cost can be agreed separately.