Pick some mushrooms and tasty berries

In autumns you can find a big variety of mushrooms and berries in woods nearby. For instance delicious boletes (in the picture), chanterelles, wood strawberries, blueberries, lingonberries etc.

Beaches at the Lake Saimaa and at the lake Kylliönjärvi

In summers you can swim and row at our beaches, and marvel at friendly birds and lovely calm nature. And of course in Finnish style, you can spend time in Sauna.

Nature and hiking

Landscape around our village is absolutely gorgeous. For those who like hiking there is a marked hiking route nearby.

Midsummer party what we call “juhannus”

Every midsummer eve we set up a huge bonfire by the lake for our guests.


We also grow strawberries for living. In summers you are welcome to work at our farm to pick strawberries or visit us to buy some for yourselves. If you wish to work for us, please contact us beforehand.


What is the summer vacation without a fishing trip? We give an opportunity for fishing all year around at the Lake Saimaa and the Lake Kylliönjärvi. All visitors have exclusive fishing permits and normal Finnish fishing permits are not required. This gives you more money to spend on your holiday and saves you from unnecessary inconvenience.

Winter time

In winters we keep up ski track for our guests depending on amount of snow we have at the moment. Ski track is about 1,5 kilometers (1 mile) long. We also have snow sledges for our visitors to use for free of charge. When the weather freezes it is nice to visit our tipi-like hut (Laplander’s hut) and grill some sausages or weenies on a bonfire.

Want to play golf?

You have a great opportunity to play and practice golf on your vacation if you choose to lodge with us. The golf course is only 6 kilometers (3,75 miles) from our village. More information about the golf course is under the next link. (pop-up link)